Learning through personalisation

The most advanced unified E-learning LMS/ERP platform

Powered by AI

ASTIER is an AI Powered LMS/ERP software which accelerates learning by Intelligent personalisation, improves student engagement and understanding, reduces workload by saving teachers hours in marking, analysis and resource creation and enhancing teaching by actionable data insights support timely, targeted interventions.

Is your school facing challenges like?

Disengaged students

High dropout rates

Ineffective education approche

No centralize Platform



No Personalized Learning

Yes! We Help Your Institution Stand Out & Succeed.

ASTIER is the right solution that can meet the needs of all of them. Our robust platforms ensure that academics get conducted in the same classroom mode.

Available in 100+ Languages

Used in 100+ languages that enables to use in your region based local language.


We believe in One Size Does Not Fit All - ASTIER system, its functionalities, processes, modules can be customised as per your requirements.

Amazon Web Service (AWS) Hosted

We make your institution to compute on one of the world's fast and powerful servers.

Flexible Pricing

Price is what you pay. Value is what we deliver. We offer one time pricing, SAAS based monthly pricing, yearly subscriptions, module based pricing, etc.

ASTIER Learning Management System Features

Stream recorded
video lectures

Live Video





For Management

For Teachers & Faculty Members

For Student & Parents

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Benefits of ASTIER Personalized Learning

Astier machine learning algorithms predict outcomes, allowing you to provide specific content based on a learner’s past performance and individual goals. For example, online learners that express a particular skill gap receive targeted recommendations that build knowledge related to their skill gap in a more personalized format.

Learners receive the exact online resources they require to fill gaps and achieve learning goals, which equates to less seat time. Instead, students get the information they need quickly, as online training resources are tailor-made to their personal and professional objectives

Astier AI learning platform could schedule coursework or deliver resources based on individual student assessment results or simulations. This would create an environment in which it would be possible to automatically predict course maps for each of your learners who enroll in any of your organization’s courses, and then read just whenever the need arises.

Consider this simple formula: less learning time + greater personalization = better learning outcomes, schools spend less on online training without sacrificing desired outcomes as predictive analytics and your AI-equipped learning platform track and forecast every move each of your student makes. This also gives you the power to launch online learning resources wherever and whenever they’re required.